Hardware Design & Repairs

Amplifier Board for Current Sensing

Replacing my Laptop’s USB-C port

Smart LED Controller

Custom Ethernet Development Board

Control Unit with Logging Capabilities

Security & Reverse Engineering

TPMs for Embedded Systems

Hacking a VoIP Phone

Dumping my Laptop’s Flash Chip

Analyzing “Smart” Ink Cartridges

Embedded Software

Using an SPI OLED Display with the
Linux Kernel

Connecting an LED Sign to the Internet

Speech Recognition on STM32 using Machine Learning

Control Systems: Ball on Plate

Embedded Gentoo GNU/Linux on ARM Cortex-A7

Bare Metal STM32 Setup without STM32CubeIDE

iCEBreaker FPGA: VGA Pong Demo

Multitasking on MSP430 with FreeRTOS

Implementing FAT32 for the Barrelfish Microkernel

Setting up a Custom MSP430 Development Environment

PC/Server Software

Simple Status Page for Homelab

Implementing an ACME Client in C

QEMU/KVM Network Setup with nftables

Windows 95 Internet Access using Linux PPP in 2024

Battery Level Logging for GNU/Linux

Utility to Create LaTeX ASCII Tables

Just Another Mandelbrot Visualization

Focus Test Generator

Digit Dataset Creator

Neural Network to Read Handwritten Digits

LaTeX Templates