LaTeX Templates

Screenshot of the Latex templates

I created two LaTeX templates for reports or assignments. One is a “one-pager” meant for short reports and miscellaneous documents. The “long template” has a title page and a table of content, so it’s rather meant for larger documents like a project paper.

I wanted to be able to uniquely identify a document once it is created, so I can always check if I am dealing with the correct version. To achieve this, I use Git. When I made this template, I was using Visual Studio Code as my main LaTeX editor (now I use Vim). Every LaTeX compilation in VS Code triggers an automatic Git commit. The SHA hash of this commit is printed on the document (so the document is actually being compiled a second time for this). A script cleans up after LaTeX and deletes all unnecessary files after compilation.

Instructions on how to set up VS Code and the scripts can also be found on GitHub.